Saturday, 31 December 2011

Cara Mudah Memakai Kebaya

Hello Kebaya Fashion fans, after we know how to Choosing Kebaya The Match With Our Bodies, now that we are more careful in how to wear this dress kebaya, to be more visible attached to the body beautiful.

Kebaya material selection. For better use of official events are memorable formal kebaya materials, such as a slightly shiny fabric and memorable "luxury", such as silk or organdy. As for pickles and non-formal (semi-official) can use cotton with a simple decoration, and avoid material that is too much sparkle (glitter or sequins).

Color selection kebaya. Should be adjusted with time. To pickle the evening a memorable color of official use, for example, dark colors. In contrast to the daytime event could use a bright color.

Coat transparent kebaya with a color corresponding depths. The model can be "voering" sewn on the kebaya, or camisole (kembern) are removable (camisole nicer jatunya).

For underwear, can wear longtorso (girdle) the same time can withstand long cloth, after the fabric is tied first. Or wearing a bustier, which is a kind of reinforced tank, which can be made a good set of materials and colors with a skirt or cloth subordinates.

Select kebaya bersiluet most harmonious with the body shape and body to disguise deficiencies. For example, if your upper body look "full", avoid application of sequins or other accents that terkonsntrasi at the top.

Notice the detail kebaya, avoid application of sequins or other accents that highlight the shortcomings of the body instead. For example the owner of a short or fat body, select the application that tends to elongate so impressed vertical or increase the length of the body.

Avoid concave model of dilated neck if you want to disguise broad shoulders.

Note the model and material kebaya a whole. Adjust the model, materials and details of kebaya with the type of event, whither. Kebaya nuanced impression of luxury and "heavy" as well as elaborate, more fitting for the party. Moderate kebaya a more simple and minimalist cocokl for semi-formal or casual event.

For kebaya rich detail should not add a scarf so as not to overdo it. Notice the harmony kebaya and accessories. Wear a minimalist accessory for kebaya that have been "busy", and select the earrings just to accentuate the kebaya worn. In the use of accessories, if you already wear a big brooch should not wear necklaces. Combine kebaya with a clutch or small handbag that matched her overall appearance.

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